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Hurry Up And Wait Chords

Making April

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by IronPower4Ever

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Hurry Up And Wait

  		Okay so I recently re-discovered this song after many years of not really playing acoustic guitar 
and I realized that there were STILL no chords for this on ultimateguitar. So gladly I present you the chords 
to this amazing song. (it's mostly power chords for beginners but if you know other ways to play these 
chords go ahead!) 

So the tabs of the chords are:  

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Bb Ab Eb Cm Fm Gm e--6---------4---------6---------3---------1---------3------- b--6---------4---------8---------4---------1---------3------- g--7---------5---------8---------5---------1---------3------- d--8---------6---------8---------5---------3---------5------- a--8---------6---------6---------3---------3---------5------- e--6---------4---------6---------3---------1---------3-------
Intro (when the guitar starts) Ab Eb Bb Ab Eb Bb Ab Eb Bb Ab Cm Bb Verse Ab Bb I've been told to remember Ab Cm Bb Keep your lemur eyes wide Ab Bb Someday you'll make a life of this Ab Cm Bb So carry on carry on Ab Cm Bb But i've become so offenseless Ab Bb Despite these weapons I bear Ab Cm Bb Have we toned up our finest Ab Or did we take this Chorus Eb Ab Too Far down Eb Bb The road you know Eb Ab I'm scared to go down Bb Eb Cm Ab I'm waking up anxious to lay back down Eb Bb Ab Cause all I can do here is wait Bb Ab Cm Bb Ab Cm Bb Just wait I'll hurry up and wait verse 2 Ab Cm Bb Well i can't read her expression Ab Cm Bb Cause man this vixen she's sly Ab Cm Bb As she keeps me suspended Ab Eb Bb Well I've lost all control of this flight Ab Cm Bb Hi yeah yeah Ab Bb We've ravaged our chances to shine Ab Bb Would you take what i'm giving to you Ab Or did i take less Cm Ab Did we take less Chorus again Bb the higher (just you wait)at the end of the second Chorus Bridge Eb So have it your way I know you'll be watching Ab With gallant eyes Fm As we shake the wreckage Eb And break from these Ab Bb Eb Hauntingly silent nights Ab Break from these silent nights Fm Will this take forever Gm Ab We might have a shot if we'd stray Bb But what's another day Eb Bb Of hurry up and wait Eb Cm Bb Hurry up and wait Ab Cm Bb Hurry up and wait Ab Cm Bb It's all that you can do now Thank you! I hope you enjoy playing this song

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