Maher Zain

Ramadan Chords

Maher Zain

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by fernsantana

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Intro : Dm C Bb C Bb C Gm A 

verse 1: 

Dm              Am  
 You lift me up high 
 You spread my wings 
 And fly me to the sky 

Dm         Am  
 I feel so alive  
 It's like my soul 
 Thrives in your light 


     Dm             C  
 But how I wish you'd be  
          Gm           A 
 Here with me all year around 

Dm C Ramadan Ramadan Bb C Ramadanu Ya Habib C7 Bb Ramadan Ramadan Gm Am Laytaka Dawman Qareeb
Interlude: Dm Bb C Am Bb Gm A verse 2: -------- Dm Am Love is everywhere Bb So much peace C Fills up the air Dm Am Ramadan month of the Quran Bb I feel it inside of me C strengthening my Iman Back to BRIDGE then Chorus -------------------------- A F Bb I just love the way you make me feel F Every time you come around Bb you breathe life into my soul Gm And I promise that I'll try C throughout the year Dm - C - Bb To keep your spirit alive Dm C Bb In my heart it never dies Dm Oh Ramadan Back to Chorus 2x -----------------

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