Magnolia Electric Co

No Moon On The Water

Magnolia Electric Co

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No Moon On The Water


Bm C           G 
no moon on the water 
Bm          C              G 
the way i'm acting it's no wonder 
Bm             C          G 
the blues come i can't outrun ‚??em 
Bm                         C          G 
i ain't foolin‚?? me i ain't foolin' no one 
Bm                     C      G 
i have to work hard to suffer alone 
Bm                       C     G 
i have to work harder to be so alone 
Bm                 C        G 
don't like half of who i've been 
Bm                           C      G 
but i've kept my promises to all of them 

Am             C       G 
tie my wings behind my back 
Am                   C            G 
cut out my eyes and fill 'em with lead 
Am                  C             G 
cut off my head and put the black mules there 
Am       C           G 
trade my heart for a fire 
Am            C             G 
fill my bones with the grey wolf 
Am      C      G 
face me to the shore 
Am          C         G 
give me one reason to live 
Am          C                G 
give me one single reason to live 

C             G 
don't have to be good (x3) 

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