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It Made Me Cry

Magnolia Electric Co

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It Made Me Cry

Capo on 2nd fret

D                   C 
You can live a long time 
In such a little while. 
            D           C               G 
Once you've gone as far away as you can go 
D      C       G 
Until you come home. 

           D       C 
Lord, it's made me cry 
           G         D 
Lord, it's made them smile. 
        C        G        D 
To have lived as long 
           C     G 
In such a little while. 

        D     C 
And the next sunrise 
       G             D 
She's nowhere to be found 
    C       G       D 
Far away as She can go. 
      C         G 
Until She comes home. 

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