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Dont This Look Like The Dark

Magnolia Electric Co

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Dont This Look Like The Dark

	  		G              Em             D             G 
Six and a half hours into the West Virginia night 
Em               D              C                  G 
Half a mile from home and I was making pretty good time 
G                       Em 
I thought that I'd gone far enough 
  D                 G 
I couldn't lose the trail 
Em             D 
then I stepped through the door 
      C                    G 
And I still found a way to fail 

G                Em        D                        G 
I can't start to count the things I said I'd never be 
Em           D            C                          G 
And I became them all the night you quit counting on me 
Am                               D 
And all the hard things that you said to my heart 
      G                       F 
Every one of them things rang true 

 C                              G  
But it was that one look at the end 
C                    G 
That one look at the end (x2) 
That ran it through 

G                     Em 
Now that the big gray owl above me 
D                   G 
She starts again to wail 
 Em                    D 
She says that moon has got so low tonight 
 C                      G 
That it's polishing the rail 

G                      Em            
That mountain engine's running about 
 D                G 
 thirty years too late 
Em               D 
Once you hear it coming boy 
C                   G 
It will not let you wait 
Am                   D 
I used to think that tomorrow was 
 G                          F 
 just out there waiting for me 
C                      G 
But now i wonder where tomorrow 
C              G 
I wonder where tomorrow 
C              G                   F 
I wonder where tomorrow's going to be 

G                 Em 
Tonight when i am rolling over the 
 D                     G 
 Earth's most lonesome ground 
 Em                     D 
I will think of all the ways next time 
        C                 G 
I will try not to let you down 
Am                      D  
I thought that I'd live long enough 
         G                        F 
That the light would come shining through 
C                        G  
Don't this look like the dark (x3) 
C                      G 
Don't it look like the dark (x3) 

C G 

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