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Sway Chords

Magna Carta Cartel

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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  		Gbm  D  Gbm  D 

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E|---------------------------------------------| B|-10-9-7-0---10-9-7-0---6/7-6-5-3---6/7-6-5-3-| G|---------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|
Gbm Stops For A Blink Gbm D Letting The Mask Fall To Ground D And What Comes To Be Gbm Looking This Way Gbm Offers Us Answers D Facing Ourselves ( Gbm D ) ( Gbm D ) Gbm When Looking At You Gbm Your Court Staring Back D Glowing Of Truth Gbm Reminding Each Other Gbm That The Lack Of Themselves D Is Nobodies Loss ( Gbm D Bm ) ( Gbm D Bm ) Gbm Please Let Us Hide Gbm A E I'm Missing My Pride And You Gbm Call For The Notion Gbm A E This Show Is Over But The Big One Goes On Bm Gbm E Next Time My Back Will Be Covered And You B Will Stay D Astray Gbm D Gbm D Gbm The Winding Of Me F#m Is Far From Success D Instructions For Fall F#m As You Lose Your Hook F#m And I Spit It Out D It Still Leaves A Mark F#m D Bm F#m D Bm F#m Just A Reminder Gbm A E So Many Reserved Am I Still In The Game Gbm Here Look This Way See My Charisma A E Remember My Name Bm Gbm E I'm Asking Me 'Bout Myself And I'm Fine Bm So If There's No Hesitation Bm Gbm E Will You Lead Me To The Edge B You Sway D Astray E And I See B Your Way D Gbm You Sway Gbm D E Gbm D Bm (5x)

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