Kids are on high street


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Kids are on high street

Capo on 1st fret
	  		Tuning: standard ( on the record) 
Verse 1: 
Bm               D                          A                               
In the wake of some change, stones in the pipeline 
Bm                      D                          A 
Like some new mountain range we leave the lowlands behind 
Em             Bm         A            G  A 
They take your photograph. You come into existence 
Em         Bm              A         G   A           
You realize it's your path. In this very instant 
Bm   D  D   A  x2 
Verse 2: 
Bm           D				 A 
Some heroes are we to pass outside these gates 
Bm             D                         A 
With a will to adjust, adjust to what it takes 
Bm                D				     A 
You add another year to this and it all has gone to waste 
Bm              D                                       A 
Other plans have been laid to pursue your own separate fates 
Repeat pre-Chorus 
Bm    D   D   A 
Pre-Chorus x2 
Bm              D                                A 
The kids are on High Street. The kids will not sleep tonight 
Bm                   D                                           
The kids got in a knife fight. We trained them well 
They're gonna be alright 
Bm                       D                                        A  
I'll be joining with them soon, I can't even wait to get away from you 
Bm                  D                                    A  
'Cause it's only in hindsight that we will know what was right to do 
Em           Bm                  A  G  A 
I always thought we had it made.  
Em            Bm                   A  G  A 
Ambition spurred the plans we laid 
Repeat pre-Chorus, end on Bm 


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