Lynyrd Skynyrd

Gimmie back my bullets

Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Gimmie back my bullets

A                C               D               A  
   Life is so strange when its changin', yes indeed   
A                      C                   D                 A  
   Well I've seen the hard times and the pressure's been on me   
A                 C                D           A  
   But I keep on workin' like the workin' man do   
A                  C                    D             A  
   And I've got my act together, gonna walk all over you  
    Gimme back my bullets   
    D           C                 A  
       Put 'em back where they belong   
    D                  C              A  
       Ain't foolin' around 'cause I done had my fun   
    D               C      A  
       Ain't gonna see no more damage done   
    Gimme back my bullets  
A                 C           D             A  
   Sweet talkin' people done ran me out of town   
A                       C          D                   A  
   And I drank enough whiskey to float a battleship around   
A                        C         D            A  
   But I'm leavin' this game one step ahead of you   
A                     C                   D                 A  
   And you will not hear me cry 'cause I do not sing the blues  

A                C           D             A 
   Been up and down since i turned seventeen 
A                     C           D              A 
   Well I've been on top ,then it seems i lost the dreams 
A                    C           D             A 
   But i've got it back  and im feelin' better every day 
A                 C             D              A 
   Tell all those pencil pushers better get outa' my way 


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