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She's No Lady Chords

Lyle Lovett

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by rohnsr

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She's No Lady

	  G#7                              G#7sus4                                        
 She hates my mama, she hates my daddy too. 
              G#7                    G#7sus4                    
 She loves to tell me, she hates the things I do. 
              G#7                   C#9                        
 She loves to lie beside me, almost every night. 
G#7      D#9            G#7  D#9                          
 She's no lady, she's my wife. 
Verse 2: 
G#7                              G#7sus4                        
 The preacher asked her, and she said, "I do." 
              G#7                  G#7sus4                       
 The preacher asked me, she says, "He does too!" 
              G#7                           C#9               
 The preacher says, "I pronounce you ninety nine to life! 
G#7            D#9             G#7                         
 Man, she's no lady she's your wife!" 
 I can't remember how I met her, 
              G#7                 A7          G#7   
 Seems, she's always been hangin' here off my right arm, 
 I can't remember how I ever, 
              A7              A#7                    D#9                        
 Thought that I just couldn't live without a woman's charm. 
Verse 3:                  
 Now, even though she likes the smell of that French perfume,                      
 And even though she walks around in them high-heeled shoes,                  
 All I know is that I'm the one that pays the price,               
 Man, she's no lady, she's my wife. 


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