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Always and Forever Chords

Luther Vandross

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by larrymurphysr

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Always and Forever

Year: 1994 - Album: Love Luther

  		Intro:   D  G  A  (2x) 
D                         Bm 
Always and Forever 
Each moment with you 
                   D                Em 
Is just like a dream to me 
                                A7  D 
That somehow came true 
And I know tomorrow 
Will still be the same 
                            D               Em 
Cause we've got a life of love 
That won't ever change and 
Am     D7 
Every day 
                        G      D         Em 
Love me your own special way 
                  A       A7     
Melt all my heart away 
With a smile 
G                Em 
Take time to tell me 
F#m         Bm 
You really care 
        G                A7 
And we'll share tomorrow 
Together (Always forever love you) 
G              A7 
I'll always love you 
Forever (Always forever love you) 
           Em  A7 

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