Lurleen Lumpkin

Bagged Me A Homer

Lurleen Lumpkin

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Bagged Me A Homer

 Lurleen: Oh the bases were empty on the diamond of my heart, 

When the coach called me up to the plate, 

I'd been swingin', and missin', at lovin' and kissin', 

A                                                  E 
My average was point double oh eight. 

So I spit on my hands, knocked the dirt from my spikes, 
And pointed right towards centre field, 

A                                          E 
This time I'm hitting a home run, 

A                                     E 
This time the love is for real. 

I'll slide... I'll steal... I'll sacrifice 

A lovin' fly for you, 

I been slumping all season but now I found a reason, 

I struck on a love that is true. 

A                            E 
I used to play the field, 

A                            E 
I used to be a roamer, 

A                        B                            E 
But the season's turning 'round for me now, 

A          B              E 
I finally bagged me a homer. 

 A       B                         E        D - A 
That's right, I finally bagged me a Homer. 

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