Lunatic Soul

Gravestone Hill

Lunatic Soul

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Gravestone Hill

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e|----7---7---7---7-8---5---5---5---5-----------------------0------0-------------| B|-----0---0---0---0-----0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0--0---0------------| G|------5---5---5---------5---5---5-------5---5---5---5---5---5--5---5-----------| D|-----------------------------------------6---6---6---6---6------6--------------| A|----0--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------0---------------0------0----------------|
push it slow: Am When they met after years E One day, They went to the hill Am Where the old gravestone stood E in the shade Lonely Am G#/A Admiring the city lights G/A They started a new life F#/A Their love was reborn Asus4 The old gravestone Am Forgotten by time Asus4 Am Remained in the shade Guitar 1: intro part. Guitar 2:
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e|---12------10----12--------------------------------------------------------| B|---13--10--12----13-13------12/13--12--10--9-10-12-------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------9/10/9----9---------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------12-10-9--| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am Winter came earlier E Than last year when they moved on Am They returned The whole family E Happy with memories and snow Am G#/A Children were sledding So joyful G/A They looked at them Smiling F#/A Embraced with love Asus4 The old gravestone Am Forgotten by time Asus4 Am Remained in the shade Asus4 Am Asus4 Alone Asus4 Am Remained in the shade Asus4 Am Asus4 Alone

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chords Lunatic Soul - Gravestone Hill
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