Luke Combs

She Got The Best Of Me

Luke Combs

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She Got The Best Of Me

C                     G                   Em7   D 
Seventeen you don't think that much about life, you just live it 
 C               G              Em7   D 
Like kerosene dancing around a fire, but you're in it 
        C    G                C        G                       D 
So you jump right in, ain't afraid to fall, and you give it all 

             C       G   Em7           D 
She got the best of me, she broke my heart 
               C       G   Em7                 D 
Now all thats left of me, is beating in this guitar 
  C               G                Em7          D 
Every night a different town, she follows me around 
                   C      G                     Em7     D 
So you get whats left of me, yeah you get whats left of me 
                    C     G    Em7   D 
Cause she got the best of me 

C                 G                     Em7                 D 
I picked my self up off the floor and found something new worth living for 
C          G                      Em7         D 
One dusty hand-me-down six string   and a couple cords 
C                 G            C          G                      D 
I'm getting over her a little more with every song, so sing along

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