Lucy Dacus


Lucy Dacus

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	  		Intro: D 

Verse: 1 
D                     G 
You said "Don't go changing 
          A                 D 
I'll rearrange to let you in 
    D               G 
And I'll be your historian 
     A          G 
And you'll be mine 
      G        A         D 
And I'll fill pages of scribbled ink 
 G          A          D 
Hoping the words carry meaning" 

Verse: 2 
      D            G 
Then one day, the motorcade 
Covered in flower wreaths 
 G                    D 
First in a big parade 
      D              G 
Will come to take one of us away 
              A                   G   D 
Leaving the other with plenty to read 

Verse: 3 
  G      A              D 
This is what I want to talk about 
     G           A             D 
But somehow the words will not leave my mouth 
                G              A      G         D 
Was I most complete at the beginning or the bow? 
If past you were to meet future me 
              Am       G                   D 
Would you be holding me here and now? 

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