Luciano Pavaroti

Come Back To Sorrento

Luciano Pavaroti

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Come Back To Sorrento

Sunlight dances on the sea
Fm                       Cm
Tender thoughts occur to me
Ab           Fm6       Cm
I have often seen your eyes
Fm6              G7     C
In the nighttime when I dream
When I pass a garden fair
G7                      C
And the scent is in the air
             Am     Dm
In my mind a dream awakes
G7             G7/5+   C
And my heart begins to break
But you said goodbye to me
              E7    Am
Now all I can do is grieve
Ab             Fm6    C
Can it be that you forgot?
Fm6            G7 C
Darling forget me not!
                     Dm7   G7
Please don't say farewell
And leave this heart that's broken
Fm           Cm        G7
Come back to Sorrento
So I can mend


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