Lucas Santos

Will You Forgive Me?

Lucas Santos

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Will You Forgive Me?

Intro:G C D Bm G6 

Will you forgive me? 

 G             D        F 
I know I was wrong and I want to fix 
Bm       G         C D                  Am 
I apologize for peopl thou that I did wrong 
E          Em       G 
I did not know where his head was 
Fm#      f        Bm       A7 
I was completely crazy  uuu?.. 
G               C              D 
When I did what I did without thinking 
          G            C 
But now I think our relationship was already 
         C       C#       Fm#                  F+ 
But I'll just say one more time just three words, you forgive me? 
        Am7             G 
I beg if you do not forgive me I do not know what I'll do 
Give me one more chance, please 
I do not pemssei in comsequencia would happen 

I pardon on his knees peopl ... 

I know I did wrong in kissing that girl 

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