Low Roar

In The Morning

Low Roar

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In The Morning


Song consists of 3 chords: A, F#m, D. Almost all of the song is played with the A chord. I find it easiest to 
keep the top 4 strings barred on the second fret until I need the D chord where I shift to just barring the top 
3 strings. 

A lot of the timing for changes you'll have to work out from listening to the song. Good Luck! 

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Intro: e||---------------------------------| x4 b||---2-------2-------2-------2-----| g||-------2-------2-------2-------2-| d||-----2---2---2---2---2---2---2---| a||-0-------------------------------| E||---------------------------------| Verse: A e||---------------------------------| b||---2-------2-------2-------2-----| g||-------2-------2-------2-------2-| d||-----2---2---2-------2---2---2---| a||-0---------------0---------------| E||---------------------------------| F#m e||---------------------------------| b||---2-------2-------2-------2-----| g||-------2-------2-------2-------2-| d||-----4---4---4-------4---4---4---| a||-4---------------4---------------| E||---------------------------------| D e||---2-------2-------2-------2-----| b||-------3-------3-------3-------3-| g||-----2---2---2-------2---2---2---| d||-0---------------0---------------| a||---------------------------------| E||---------------------------------|
A A Let me in, if not Iâ??ll wait here. A A What fears me most, keeps my heart near. A A So peak your head from beyond the curtains. A A The sky will stretch as far as you let it. F#m D And I want you to know, I need you to know, A(to finish) I love you so much more each morning.

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