Love and Theft

Thinking Of Youand Me

Love and Theft

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Thinking Of Youand Me

Capo on 1st fret
Intro: G Em x2 
G                       Em                  
Girl your hand brushing mine shouldn't be no big deal 
G                          Em 
But when it does, I can't deny how it makes my heart feel 
G                                                           Em 
You've got my imagination runnin' like a freight train on a downhill track 
G                                                            Em 
Straight into the deep end of a feelin' and I know, it ain't comin' back 

C D I've been thinkin' of you and how it'd feel to brush you hair back from your eyes Em D/F# C And kissin' you, kiss you way over that line to find out how good it could be I've been thinkin' of you and me
G Em x2 G Em Now I don't want to go and make things complicated G Em And keepin' you as my best friend would be okay but, G Em What if everything we ever wanted was a whisper and a touch away G Em I'd rather risk it knowin', (oh) then be a fool forever, (oh) and never say (Chorus) G Em x2 (Chorus) Outro: G Em G Em C Yeah, thinking of you

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chords Love and Theft - Thinking Of Youand Me
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