Love and Theft

Angel Eyes

Love and Theft

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Angel Eyes

Capo on 2nd fret

 C          G           D    G  
She likes whiskey with her water 
 C           G                D         G 
She starts dancing when the stars come out 
 C                 G       D         Em 
She ain?t your typical preacher?s daughter 
  C                 G            D         G 
She?ll leave you dreamin? there ain?t no doubt 

C G D G There?s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes C G D G She?s a little bit of heaven with a wild side C G D Em Got a rebel heart a country mile wide
C G D G There?s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes C G D G A little bit of devil in her angel eyes C G D G Saturday night she?s rockin? out by the bonfire C G D G Foot hangin? from that tail gate crankin? up the dial C G D Em Come Sunday mornin? she?ll be singing with the choir C G D G Drivin? me crazy with that kiss me smile

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