Louis Armstrong

Basin street blues

Louis Armstrong

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Basin street blues

	  		G7       C     G7  Cdim  C     C Dm7 Cdim C          
Won't you come along with me 
C         Dm7         C7   G7/5+      C    Bb  G7/5+ 
Down that Mis - sis - sip - pi; 
C            C7           F       Fm 
We'll take a boat to the land of dreams, 
C     G/B       Am7  Bb9     G7     C    G 
Steam down the river down to New Orleans. 
    C      G7       Cdim  C     C Dm7 Cdim C 
The band's there to greet us, 
C     C7          G7   G7/5+      C    Bb  G7/5+ 
Old friends will meet us, 
C         C7     F       Fm 
Where all people like to meet 
C     C/B   Am7      Am7/G    G7     C      G7 
Heaven on earth, they call it Basin Street 
C      C/B   E7 
Basin Street is the street 
A7         A7/9 A      A7       
Where the elite always meet -- 
   D       Am7   D9      G7 
In New Orleans, land of dreams 
        C9    C       CM7      Cdim 
You'll never know how nice it seems 
    Dm7      Em7     F7     G7 
Or just how much it really means. 
C      C/B   E7 
Glad to be, yessiree, 
      A7       A7/9   A      A7 
Where welcomes free, dear to me, 
      F      Dm7 G7   G7/6  G7  G7/6    C    C  F Fm Bb9  C 
Where I can lose    my Ba - sin Street Blues. 


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