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As Time Goes By Chords

Louis Armstrong

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by gustsilva

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As Time Goes By

(Herman Hupfeld, 1931)

  		       Dm7                  G7  
You must remember this   
   Gm               G7       C                  Dm7    C  
A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh   
      D7                                C  
The fundamental things apply  
     Dm7 G7    C   Gm  A7  
As time goes by   
       Dm                     G7  
And when two lovers woo  
         Gm                  G7   
They still say, "I love you"   
     C                     Dm7   C  
On that you can rely   
      D7                               C  
No matter what the future brings   
     Dm   G7    C  
As time goes by   

Moonlight and love songs   
Never out of date   
Hearts full of passion   

Jealousy and hate   
Am                 F  
Woman needs man   
And man must have his mate   
        Dm       A        G7  
That no one can deny   

Dm                            G7  
it's still the same old story   
   Gm                       G7  
A fight for love and glory   
A case of do or die   
       D                                       Em7 A7  
The world will always welcome lovers   
     Dm7 G7   C  
As time goes by  


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