Los Lonely Boys

Velvet Sky

Los Lonely Boys

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Velvet Sky

Are you lookin? at the moon tonight 
G                        Em7 
You even brave enough to try  
G                        Em7 
To find your strength inside 
G                    Em7 
Change your mind, decide 
Em7 Bm7 Em7 Cause I fell from the sky Bm7 Em7 I tried to catch your eye Bm7 A In a velvet sky C Em7 Did you wish upon a fallin? star
Solo Em7 Do you know where you are in your life G Em7 Are you walkin? in between the lines G Em7 I can tell by the look in your eyes G Em7 You?re hurtin? way down inside (Chorus) Em7 Afraid to leave your pain behind G Em7 Never know what you?re gonna find G Em7 When you look up at the velvet sky G Em7 You will finally come alive (Chorus 2x)

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