Los Lonely Boys


Los Lonely Boys

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	  		 Intro: Cm Bb (actual chords in the recording)

I'm calling up my cherie, tell her that I'm gonna leave 
          Eb            Ebm
cause I'm moving on to Hollywood you see. 
It's always been a lifelong dream, for my family 
      Eb       Ebm            Bb
to see me... on that silver screen. 
Cm                 F           Cm                    F
I know I can't go wrong, cause I've finally found my song 
Cm                 F        Bb
I'm headed where I belong...Hollywood. 
I know there's something in store for me, but nothing like the tragedies 
                  Eb      Ebm           Bb
that have seen me thru in real life you see. 

Refrain 2 

Cm                F           Cm                     F
I know I can't go wrong, cause I've finally found my song 
Cm                 F         Cm         Bb   
I'm headed where I belong...Hollywood, Hollywood. 

Adlib: Cm Bb(2x)

  D           Gm                 C Cm
I know that something's there for me

I'm flying free

Next time that you see me

I'll be done with misery

                Eb      Ebm                 Bb
I'll be shining bright for all the world to see.
                      Cm          Bb
Repeat refrain 2(2x)  Hollywood...Hollywood

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