Los Campesinos

To Tundra

Los Campesinos

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To Tundra

Intro: A D A D Bm D Bm A (2x) 

Meet me at 
St. Nicholas 
Among the oaks 
Behind the church 
That sway like pig-tailed girls 

As summer wind whistles 
Around your bare-skin knees 
And the forsythia leaves 

In the shade 
Lay with me 
Tickled by 
The feather reed 

That's where the trees grow old 

Under the ivy's hold 
As you in my two arms 
Equally safe from harm 

And in a hazy day dream 
Our bodies married the stream 
        Bm                        A 
And we grow down into pebbles and silt 

The water ran from the fields 
Until the oceans we filled 
              D                    A 
And found the sea-bed the comfiest quilt 

               Em                            G 
There was more life in the weeds than in the few hundred seats 
             Bm                      A 
In rows from transept to chancel to nave 
               Em                             G 
And when their anger had paused, I turned and answered their calls 
               Bm                A 
With your just audience, I'm the applause 
   Em                 G 
We take on the burden of all these sad-eyed children 
     Bm                    A 
With lilies bunched in our hands 
    Em                  G 
We fake our concern and speak softly as the surgeon 
      Bm                 A 
Tells wife to cancel her plans 

Em                    G 
Take a body to water, take a body to tundra 
Bm                       A 
Just take me with you as well 

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