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Tribute To The Opry Chords

Lorrie Morgan

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by carlluz

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Tribute To The Opry

Intro: G 

       G                  G7 
As the lights were turned off 
And the curtain was closed 
    G          A              D    D7 
And all of the songs had been sung 
       G         G7 
At the Grand Ol' Opry 
I sit here and wonder 
         G             D        G 
How this great country show had begun 

        G               G7 
Did the great one above us 
Gather some tears 
         G             A               D    D7 
And some heartaches he took from lifes pain 
    G          G7 
And mix it to- -gether 
With laughter and joy 
    G           D        G 
And sprinkle it over the stage 

         G         G7 
Could it be he was thinking 
One saturday night 
   G              A            D     D7 
Of something that we all could share 
      G           G7 
So he started the Opry 
For you and for me 
       G              D           G 
And he put this great show on the air 

       A               A7 
Did he know there'd be happyness 
Here on the stage 
       A              B          E     E7 
Did he know men would cry in the wings 
         A        A7 
And each saturday night 
Over 70 years 
           A            B 
Folks have lined up for blocks just to see 
        A             A7 
How the great one has planned 
The best show in the land 
        A            E             A 
On this stage of the Grand Ol' Op- -ry 

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