Loreena McKennitt

Lady Of Shalott

Loreena McKennitt



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Lady Of Shalott

	  		Intro: D - G - D - G - D - A - D 

 D                       G     A      
   On either side of the river lie 
 D                A      F#m    Bm 
   Long fields of barley and of rye, 
 G                 D         A        Bm 
   That clothe the world and meet the sky; 
 G                          A 
   And thro' the field the road run by 
 G          A      D 
   To many-towered Camelot; 
 Bm                    F#m 
   And up and down the people go, 
 Bm        G         A     F#m 
   Gazing where the lilies blow 
 Bm                F#m 
   Round an island there below, 
        G     A     Bm 
   The island of Shalott. 

 D                      G     A  
   A bow-shot from her bower-eaves, 
 D            A         F#m     Bm 
   He rode between the barley sheaves, 
 G               D         A         Bm 
   The sun came dazzling thro' the leaves, 
 G                       A 
   And flamed upon the brazen greaves 
       G        A    D  
   Of bold Sir Lancelot. 
 Bm                       F#m 
   A red-cross knight for ever kneel'd 
 Bm      G   A      F#m 
   To a lady in his shield, 
 Bm                     F#m 
   That sparkled on the yellow field, 
 G           A       Bm 
   Beside remote Shalott. 

 D                         G        A  
   She left the web, she left the loom, 
 D                 A     F#m       Bm 
   She made three paces taro' the room, 
 G              D      A    Bm 
   She saw the water-lily bloom, 
 G                     A        
   She saw the helmet and the plume, 
        G              A   D 
   She looked down to Camelot. 
 Bm                     F#m 
   Out flew the web and floated wide; 
 Bm            G            A       F#m 
   The mirror cracked from side to side; 
 Bm                   F#m 
   "The curse is come upon me," cried 
        G    A     Bm 
   The Lady of Shalott. 

Bridge: (Bm - F#m - Bm - G - D - A) x2 

 Bm               F#m           
   In the stormy east-wind straining, 
 G                      A      F#m 
   The pale yellow woods were waning, 
 Bm                        F#m 
   The broad stream in his banks complaining. 
 G              A 
   Heavily the low sky raining 
 G       A       Bm 
   Over towered Camelot; 
   Down she came and found a boat 
 Bm           G      A    F#m 
   Beneath a willow left afloat, 
 Bm                    F#m 
   And round about the prow she wrote 
        G    A    Bm 
   The Lady of Shalott. 

 D                   G       A 
   Who is this? And what is here? 
 D             A       F#m    Bm 
   And in the lighted palace near 
 G           D        A      Bm 
   Died the sound of royal cheer; 
 G                       A 
   And they crossed themselves for fear, 
 G                 A       D 
   All the Knights at Camelot; 
 D                       G       A 
   But Lancelot mused a little space 
 D                A      F#m   Bm 
   He said, "She has a lovely face; 
 G             D      A       Bm 
   God in his mercy lend her grace, 
        G    A     D 
   The Lady of Shalott." 

Ending: D - G - D - A - D - G - D - A - D

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