It Sure Took A Long, Long Time


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It Sure Took A Long, Long Time

	  		Intro: E E7+ F#m 
E   E7+                   C#m  G#m 
I'm sure it might have grown old 
A         G#m                  F#m  B7 
Like most young things usually do 
A              G#m     E                 C#m  F#m 
and dangling a line to try and find your mind 
For that I can't blame you. 
E           E7+            C#m    G#m 
Now I'm not questioning your motives 
A           G#m                     F#m B7 
For all the silly things you've done 
A                 G#m   E                 C#m 
Now you're coming round putting yourself down 
F#m                         B7/4   B7 
Telling me I always was the one 
  F#m          B7           E 
It sure took a long time to miss me 
   F#m          B7             E 
A long time for you to come around 
   F#m          B7            E    G#m 
A long time to find what was wrong 
F#m            B7          E    E7+ F#m 
It sure took a long, long time. 
A    G#m   F#m   B   E   F#m 
E          E7+           C#m   G#m 
The magic that we had together 
A               G#m           F#m   B7 
Seems so much stronger than before 
A            G#m    E               C#m 
What did I learn to make the love return 
  F#m                          B7/4  B7 
O girl I've got to learn some more. 

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