Don't tell me goodnight


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Don't tell me goodnight

	  		Intro: A D A D 
A             D 
Lying there beside me 
          A                   D 
With your head resting on my arm 
A                   D 
Your body feels so warm 
And your hair smells like a Sunday morning 
A                  D 
I feel you moving closer 
      A                       D 
And I know what you're gonna say 
A                         D 
But girl there's just no way 
I'll ever like what you'll be saying 
A                  Bm 
Don't tell me goodnight 
D                   A 
It makes me feel so empty inside 
And if only I could 
E                       A  
I wouldn't sleep at all 
Don't tell me goodnight 
D                   A 
Just let me drift off slowly away 
    Bm         A   D  E   A  D  E 
And dream of you 
Solo: A  D  A  D  A  D  E 
A                     D 
You reach out and you touch me 
        A                    D 
Just to let me know you're there 
A                     D 
And I can feel your hair 
And somehow I don't feel like sleeping 

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