California Kid And Remo


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California Kid And Remo

(A. Michael Gatley & Robert John)

	  		Intro: (D D4) 
  D                      A 
I met him one day in the Rockies 
          G                     D 
Where the night air tasted like wine 
The winter was hard and had me starving 
         G                       D 
When the two of them found me in time 
          G                        A 
Then one night I crashed north of Reno 
     G                    D 
I'd been on the road too long 
Then I woke to the warmth of her fire 
         G                         D 
And the sweet welcome home of his song 
G A It was the California Kid and Remo G D Lending me a helping hand G A It was the California Kid and Remo G Teaching me to love A D And teaching me to live off the land
D A I thanked them and headed for Oregon G D The trees were the walls of my home A But the rain soaked my bones every morning G D And the chill made me feel more alone G A And just when I thought I should end it G D The world didn't need men like me A My mind heard the song of my two friends G D And the sun started shining on me (Refrão) G A (Refrão) Special thanks to Sam N. Vetovich (Webmaster of The Official Lobo Web Page)

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