Liz Callaway

Didn't We

Liz Callaway

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Didn't We

(Jimmy Webb)

Intro: Bm Bm5-/7 E7 Fdim  A Bm5-/7 E7 

Bm5-/7  E7      A              A7M        D 
This time we almost made the pieces fit, didn't we, girl 
  Dm           Fdim             D          A7M         C#7 
This time we almost made some sense of it, didn't we, girl 
F#m        Cdim                  F#m7       F#m6 
This time I had the answer right here in my hand 
D7M Bm7  A7M          D7M  G  Bm5-/7      E7 
Then I touched it, and it had turned to sand 
  E7          A              A7M            D 
This time we almost sang our song in tune, didn't we, girl 
  Bm         Fdim             D            A7M        C#7 
This time we almost made it to the moon, didn't we, girl 
F#m           Fdim           F#m7 F#m6 
This time we almost made our poem rhyme 
 D7M          A               Bm7   C#m   D7M 
This time we almost made that long, hard climb 
 Bm        Bm7+   D6     Dm6  C#m        C#m7  F#7 
Didn't we almost make it,    didn't we almost make it 
 Bm        Bm7   E7      Fdim   A    Dm  A 
Didn't we almost make it this time 

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