Little Feat

Rocket In My Pocket

Little Feat

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Rocket In My Pocket

	  		Intro: A7  D/A  A    D7  G/D  D    G7  C/G  G  N.C. 

Verse 1:

A7 D/A A My baby called me up A7 D/A A She said, "Why don't you ever take me out? A7 D/A A E Pick me up in your brand new car D B E You shake the short change from your old fruit jar"

Verse 2:

A7 D/A A I put on my dancin' shoes A7 D/A A E We headed straight for the rhythm and blues D B E The music was hot, but my baby was not
E7 I've got a rocket in my pocket E7 I said a rocket A7 N.C. Finger in the socket N.C. No way for you to stop it N.C. Rocket N.C. Why don't you just get off it N.C. Rocket rocket rocket I said rocket rocket rocket D E D E Said, said rocket, said rocket

Verse 3:

A7 D/A A A7 Don't understand that girl A7 D/A A No, I can't explain A7 D/A A E She got one foot on the platform D B E And the other on the train
E7 I've got a rocket in my pocket E7 I said a rocket A7 Finger in the socket
Outro E G A7 D A D E7 A

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