Lisbeth Scott


Lisbeth Scott

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 Em             C         D   Em 
 On this half lit day 
                   C         D                Em 
With your crown beneath your wing 
           C             D      Em  
Every word just echoes 
              C         D          Em 
And the empty world sings 

                          C                         Em 
Where have you gone my feather light heart? 
             D                     Em 
I never imagined I could leave. 

          C           D    Em 
In the glistening 
          C            D       Em 
Of the lost and open sky 
         C          D      Em 
Tiny piece of you sits 
          C              D         Em 
Simple wish waits for reply 

                            C                  Em 
Where have you gone my feather light heart? 
                        D                  Em 
You mustn't forget what love can see. 

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