Lisa Hannigan

Whatll I Do

Lisa Hannigan

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Whatll I Do

Capo on 7th fret


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Intro Tab, Relative to the capo. e|-----------0--1--3--5-----------| B|--0--1--3--1--3--5--6-----------| G|--0--2--4-----------------------| D|--------------------------------| A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|
C F What?ll I do without you around, C F when my words wont pun, my pennies won?t pound, C F oh and my frisbee flies to the ground, C F what?ll I do without you. C F What?ll I say without you to talk to, C F no one to serve or volley the ball to, C F you write the words but I miss the volume, C F instead of here what?ll I say without you. G C G C Oh I don?t know what to do with myself G C C G now that I?m here and ... you?re gone. C F O no o oh eh eh C F ah ah a eh eh C F C F O no o oh eh eh What?ll I do when you?ve gone away, my ball wont pin, my records won?t play and all of my hours limp into days, what?ll I do without you. What?ll I do now that you?re gone, my boat won?t row, my bus doesn?t come, I have the fingers, you?ve got the thumb, what?ll I do without you. Oh I don?t know what to do with myself now that I?m here and you?re gone.

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