Lisa Hannigan

We The Drowned

Lisa Hannigan

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We The Drowned

Capo on 5th fret

Intro: Am C Am 

Am      C 
We, the drowned 
         C              E    
Hold our hollow hearted ground 
        F                 E 
Till we swallow ourselves down 
Am           F 
Again, again 

Am      C 
We, the ashes 
C                      E 
We spend our days like matches 
       F               E 
And we burn  our ships as black as 
    Am           F 
The end, the end 
    C        E 
The end, the end 

  Dm            F     Am 
We know not the fire in which we burn 
       E                        F              Am 
But we sing and we sing and the flames go higher 
   Dm           F     Am 
We read not the pages which we turn 
But we sing and we sing and we sing and we sing 

  Am        C 
Oh we the wrong,  
C                        E 
We the sewed up and long gone 
        F         E 
Were we fallen all along 
     Am         F 
Like this, like this 
     C      E 
Like this, like this 

Am       F 
We, the drowned 
The lost 
And found out 
Am      F Am        F 
We are all finished 

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