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Lisa Hannigan

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Intro: C Am6 Em/B Fsus4 F 

C       Em/B 
Home so far from home, 
    Am    G 
So far to go 
          Am G 
And we've o--only just begun 

And oh, every lie we told 
Is written in stone 
Every lie we wrote in our bones 

    Am               G           C - Csus4 
And hold on, there's nothing to pack 
We know we're not coming back 

C        Am6         Em/B    Fsus4    F 
Oh oh Oh oh Oh Oh Oh Oh .....Oh Oh... 

And Oh, every promise that we broke 
Is sewn to our clothes 
Now we are pinned to the wind I suppose 

And oh, every fallen flake of snow 
It has to give in 
Oh but we spin and we spin and we spin 

And hold on, there's nothing to pack 
Lay your heart out, we're not coming back 

Oh oh Oh oh! 

Instrumental Bridge

C Am6 
C Am6 
Dm C7 Am6 
Dm C Am6 C Am6 

Am                G 
Hold on, there's nothing to pack 
Lay your heart out, we're not coming back. 
We're not coming back 

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