Lisa Germano


Lisa Germano

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G       D   Em 
 If you saw me 
     C     F    C  F 
Like i see you 

G         D    Em 
 Should I tell you? 

     C    F   C  F 
What if I do? 

Em C       Em        C  
 I know it lives and does 

         F       C     D 
'Cause I felt so yesterday 

Em        C    
 But as I live and breathe 

It always 

C    D 
Goes away 

G     D   Em 
 If I saw you 

     C     F   C  F 
Like I see me 

G        D    Em 
 Have to warn you 

C     F   C  F 

Em C       Em   
 I know it lives 

   C             F       C      D 
It does 'cause I felt so good today 

Em          C  
 And always like again 

  F         C     D  
I know it's gonna go away 

G   D     Em 
 If I saw me 

     C     F   C  F 
like I see you 

G        D    Em 
 I would love me 

What if I do? 


Em  D  C 

G  D  C 


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