Lindsay & Isaac

No Angels To Hold You

Lindsay & Isaac

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No Angels To Hold You

(Lindsay Korth & Isaac Silva)

	  		E                                                   Dadd9 
Today I'm deeply sad, my heart is empty 'cos we've lost you 
You've gone so suddenly 
G6   Aadd9 
Em                      G 
I broke down and cried, though my tears touch the ground 
Fadd9                                   B7 
It's hard to me believe that you're not here 
Em                        G 
I remember those times we used to spend together 
     Fadd9                  F#m7/4 
Just friends under the sun, you were so young 
C7+                                       E7 
Suddenly your life was taken in a stupid moment (Oh, your breath just went away) 
You fell down, is sad believe that you're gone 
Why did it happen? I'm not sure... 
D        D7+        D7            C 
Dear son (he said), dear son I'm sorry I've made mistakes 
I'm just a man who wouldn't make the same 
C                                              Dadd9 
Dear son, I can't believe in what I see I lost your smile 

Dadd9                              Aadd9 
And now my nights are weird lonely and sad 
E                               G                                      Dadd9      F7+  G6 
My pillow and my face are wet I cry but my tears could never bring you back me 
E        Aadd9 
Ho - ow, How it hurts (2x) 
F#m7/4  B7/4 
to say goodbye. 

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