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Train In G Major Chords


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Train In G Major

Intro: G 

   G            C 
I know you're travelling 
 F      C         G         C    G 
But I don't know where 
    G           C 
I'd leave here with you 
      F           C      G      C    G 
But I just can't pay my fare 
 G      D       C       Am      Am7    D 
Take me to some better place to be 
         G       C              G7     Am7      G       D7 
Oh, now tell me baby don't you want a man like me? 

   G           C 
I came in the summer 
          F            C      G      C    G 
With the bright lights on my mind 
  G        C 
I tried to make it 
      F         C      G        C      G 
But I soon got left behind 
 G      D      C         Am      Am7     D 
If you deal me one good hand to play 
       G                     C              G7        Am7       G       D7 
Then I swear I'll keep your secret if your man comes back some day 

G         C 
Hey now, baby 
           F       C       G        C      G 
Won't you take me on your train? 
 G         C 
We leave tomorrow 
       F          C      G      C     G 
And we won't come back again 
 G      D         C        Am       Am7 
If the sun don't shine on our back door 
              G              C               G7          Am7       G       G7 
Then you can leave me if you want to if you just let me know what for 

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