Lily And Madeleine

Back To The River Chords

Lily And Madeleine

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Back To The River

  		D            G          D      G          D                 G 
If only my feet could fall as fast as a heart does  
           D       A 
I would be so long gone 
           G    D           G           D          G 
But I'm stuck,      stuck under your thumb 
    D        A 
I can't get up 
           G  D     G  D      G  D 
I can't get up,       up,       up- 
 -I can't get up 

If only my eyes could see as high as a mountain 
Or wherever your heart's gone 
But I have fallen on the bank of this river 
I can't get up 
I can't get up, up I can't get up 

If only my heart could speak into this river 
And you'd drink me up 
I could be free of all these lonesome shivers 
I could give myself up (give myself up) 

We all go back to the river 
We will all come undone 
And there you will be, my love, with the faintest touch 
And I will give myself up 
Give myself up, up,  up- 
-I will give myself up 

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