Lilly Hates Roses


Lilly Hates Roses

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	  		Whole song: D A G 
Bridge: Bm G D A 

We go back home 
 We don't need no more 
 but just to fall in love. 
 Sometimes we know all those tricks and 
 We hope that they will work. 

 "Show must go on" like Freddy used 
 to call over twenty years ago. 
 It doesn't matter that you're lost 
 and you regret most of things you did before. 


 So what if we were wrong? 
 So what if we should have just let it go?/x2 

 Your prophets are dead 
 you don't believe what they've said 
 no more. 
 You just want to move on 
 but no one tells you where to go 

 bridge : 

 Take your time. 
 Don't raise your voice. 
 I know it's hard 
 but you just have to make this choice /x4 

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