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Postcards From Heaven Chords

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Postcards From Heaven

	              D             F#m7 
   If you never, say goodbye 
            Bm              G 
   To the best thing in your life 
              D                 F#m7 
   There are things you don't appreciate 
     Bm    G 
   At all 
             D               F#m7 
   So it's best that you don't try 
   Bm                G 
   Holding back the time 
            D           F#m7 
   Are you ever, gonna be 
Bm                G 
   Quite satisfied 
F G Postcards from heaven C Dm Go to where you belong F G Never find the perfect situation C Dm G 'Till you know where your from
D F#m7 If you ever, say goodbye Bm G No regrets, I won't ask why D F#m7 And I wish you all the best love Bm G In the world D F#m7 Should you ever, change your mind Bm G Holding back the sunshine D F#m7 Why you ever, gonna be Bm G Quite satisfied (Refrão) (D F#m7 Bm G) 2x (Refrão) 2x (D F#m7 Bm G) 3x (D F#m7 Bm G D) _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Leonardo Santos Monte Nero(

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