Come Back Down


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Come Back Down

	  		(D G Em G) 
Staring right back in the face  
A memory can?t be erased  
I know, because I tried  
Start to feel the emptiness  
and everything I?m gonna miss  
I know, that I can?t hide  
(Em A) 
All this time is passing by  
I think its time to just move on  
Refrão:(D G Em G) 
When you come back down  
If you land on your feet  
I hope you find a way to make it back to me  
When you come around  
I?ll be there for you  
Don?t have to be alone  
With what you?re going through  
(D G Em G) 
Start to breathe and fake a smile  
Its all the same after a while  
I know, that you are tired  
Carrying the ones you lost  
A picture frame with all the thoughts  
I know, you hold inside  
(Em A) 
I hope that you can find your way back  
To the place where you belong  
Ponte: (Em A) 
You?re coming back down  
You say you feel lost, can i help you find it  
When you come around  
From time to time we all are blinded  
You?re coming back down  
You don?t have to tell me what you?re feeling  
I know what you?re going through  
I wont be the one that lets go of you  
(D G Em G) 
(Em A) 
I think its time to just move on  
Refrão 2x 
Contribuição: BaHammuT([email protected]) 


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