Liam Finn

Snug As Fuck

Liam Finn

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Snug As Fuck


	 D    F#    Gm 
When you hung me up 
       D      F#7     G6 
And my heart dried out 
       D   A       A# 
Just like the fruit 

On a windowsill 
    C                     D    
I'm taking us back to the city 
              D6          Gm 
And your mind don't know 
      D    F#7    G6 
I can hear her cry 
       D         A     A# 
Was it something I did 

in a past life? 
    C                         D           A# 
She can't compare you to your sister, oh 
I was the leader of a pack 
                      D               A# 
But now I holler in a high voice, oh 
I've done what you will never do 
                  D     D6        Gm 
Look away with an eyeful of hope 
             D    F#7    G6 
'Cause I'm a hopeless sap 
        D     A     A# 
And I'm sleeping out in the wilderness 
        C                         D    
With my fleeting thoughts  by the fire you know, you know, you know 
           D6       Gm 
I was snug as fuck 

     D  F#7     G6 
In a Sunday suit 
         D   A         A# 
Like I'm all wrapped up in the innocence 
           C               D             A# 
But you're getting over so quickly, oh 
I have a habit of attack  
               D                  A# 
Dispel all the wild thoughts, oh 

Black bangs, alligator teeth 
C                               D              A# 
This the type of girl you would fight for, oh 
And I've seen what you will never see 
                  D             A# 
Doesn't pay being careful, oh 
I've done what you will never do 
                    D                 Gm 
Look away with your eye full of hope 


Fm G6 A# A Fm G6 A# 


Gm D F#7 G6 

D A A# C D D6 Gm 

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