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A A C G A A C G 
Am Am C G C G 
       Am        C 
In the life in front of you and me 
 Am                           F 
Seems there is no logic, no place that you must be 
              Am             C 
And there are times that it gets so hard to see 
    Am                              F 
To find the valid reasons for the things that come to be 
              Am     C    
But you must try to set your spirit free 
     Am                        F 
You know you cannot hide from spiritual disease 
        E                         F 
And it seems you cannot please the present company 

Chorus :  
Am            C                Am      G 
  Who could claim to know the answers 
Am              C         F                 G 
  It's just the way that we're all meant to be 
Am                     C 
Love is stronger in survivors 
E              G         F 
    Survivors follow destiny 

       Am            C 
If you like we could go down to the sea 
         Am                                   F 
We could watch the evening tide and, get the boat to Honalee 
            Am     C 
Or we could fly above the dark city 
          Am                                      F  
Gettin' higher in the sky with every breath you breathe 
            Am    C    
And if you cry about the things you leave 
     Am                              F 
It's you you should be asking, about what you really need 
        E                       F 
And you know it is no lie for it only takes belief 

Repeat verse 2 

Tabbed by Daniel Steiger with the assistance of Chordify 

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