Lester Flatt

Who Will Sing For Me

Lester Flatt

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Who Will Sing For Me

	  		Key: G  
Verse 1 
Oft I (A)sing for my friends 
As (D)death's cold form I (A)see 
When I (A)reach my journey's (D)end 
Who will (A)sing (E)for (A)me 
I (E)wonder (I wonder) (A)who 
will (E)sing (will sing) for (A)me 
When I (A)come to the cross of that (D)silent sea 
Who will (A)sing (E)for (A)me 
Verse 2 
As friends shall gather round 
And look down on me 
Will they turn and walk away 
Or will they sing one song for me. 

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