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Where are we running Chords

Lenny Kravitz

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by happiness

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Where are we running

	  Lenny Kravitz - Where are we running 
Tabbed on 20.08.2004 by Dimitri Marchasyew (reality7886@yahoo.de) 
Fast lane, high speed  
G# Bb  
On the grind twentyfourseven   
No time, always running here and there  
Chasing the money  
G A 
So much jibber jabber's clogging up our soul  
In style profile  
Got to buy the new Cavalli  
Keep the skin tight and the booty in the air  
Don't stop the party  
The road is paved but narrow, I hope we all get home  
G# Bb F 
Where are we runnin, we need some time to clear our heads  
Where are we runnin, keep on working till we're dead  
Where are we runnin, Oowee oowee oo  
Where are we running now  
Where are you running girl, I see you up there 
Get up on that stage, you up there I saw you  

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