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I Wont Give Up Chords

Lennon & Maisy

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by educastilho

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I Wont Give Up

verse 1 
                 Ab   Eb 
When I look into your eyes 
                       Ab    Eb 
Itís like watching the night sky 
               Ab Eb 
Or a beautiful sunrise 
Well thereís so much they hold 
                   Ab  Eb 
And just like them old stars 
                  Ab      Eb 
I see that youíve come so far 
                  Ab  Eb 
To be right where you are 
How old is your soul? 

Ab Eb I wonít give up on us Cm Bb Even if the skies get rough Ab Eb Iím giving you all my love Bb Iím still looking up
verse 2 Ab Eb And when youíre needing your space Ab Eb To do some navigating Ab Eb Iíll be here patiently waiting Bb To see what you find verse 3 Ab Eb ĎCause even the stars they burn Cm Bb Some even fall to the earth Ab Eb Weíve got a lot to learn Bb God knows weíre worth it Ab No, I wonít give up Bridge Ab I donít wanna be someone who walks away so easily Bb Iím here to stay and make the difference that I can make Ab Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use Bb The tools and gifts we got, yeah, we got a lot a stake
F I wonít give up on us Bb C Even if the skies get rough F Iím giving you all my love C Iím still looking up Iím still looking up Bb C I wonít give up

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