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Sometimes I'm Happy Chords

Lena Horne

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Sometimes I'm Happy

(Clifford Grey, Leo Robin and Vincent Youmans)

A7M           Bm7/E  A7M           E7 
Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm blue 
A7M    Bm7/E      A7M     E7 
My disposition depends on you 
A A7M    Em7 Edim D7M         Dm7 G9 
I never mind the rain from the skies 
A        F#m       Bm7 Bm5-/7     E7        
If I can find  the sun  in your eyes 
A7M         Bm7/E     A7M         E7 
Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you 
A7M       Bm7/E       A7M          E7 
But when I hate you, it's cause I love you 
A      A7M   Em7 Edim Dm7        Dm7 G9 
That's how I am,  so  what can I do 
A   A7M   Bm5-/7    E7/9- A  D9 A6 
I'm happy when I'm with you 

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