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I Have Dreamed Chords

Lena Horne

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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I Have Dreamed

Introduo: Fdim E7 D9 Fdim F#m G Edim D D7M Bm7 G Edim   

D D7M    D    Bm            G   A7   D9 D 
I have dreamed   that your arms are lovely 
D D7M    D    Bm         A7  Em7    A7 
I have dreamed   what a joy you'll be. 
E  E7M   E     A9        B7  Cdim   E9     E 
I have dreamed    ev'ry word you'll whisper 
A7/13 A7     Bm   Bm7/E  C#7    E   E7 A  
When you're close,      close to me 
F#   G#m   Bbm      C#7    F#  G#m   Bbm G#m 
How you look   in the glow of evening, 
F#        G#m  Bbm      C#7          A7 
I have dreamed    and enjoyed the view 
G/B  A7    D          Bm7      F#7 
In these dreams I've loved you so 
G/B  A7 Bm7   Bm7/E   E7/9 
That by now I think I know 
A7/13 A7  D    F#m    G   F#7 Bm7  E7/9 
What it's like to be loved by you  
Fdim  E7    D9 Fdim  F#m  G   Edim D D7M Bm7 G Edim D 
I  will love being loved by you. 

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