Lena Horne

Darn That Dream Chords

Lena Horne

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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Darn That Dream


D         B7       Em7       Edim 
Darn that dream I dream each night 
D           F#7             G       Gm7 
You say you love me and you hold me tight 
D           F#7          Bm7      Gm7 
But when I awake, you're out of sight 
Em7  A7  A7/13-   D    Fdim  A7 
Oh, darn that dream. 
D         B7       Em7       Edim 
Darn your lips and darn your eyes 
D            F#7             G       Gm7 
They lift me high above the moonlit skies 
D      F#7           Bm7    Gm7 
Then I tumble out of paradise 
A7  A7/13         D 
Oh, darn that dream 
G         Em7       Am7  A7  D7 
Darn that one track mind of mine 
    G7M        G/B       Am7        D9          
It can't understand that you don't care 
         E         C       A 
Just to change the mood I'm in 
    D         Cdim       F7   A7 
I'd welcome a nice, old nightmare 
D         B7         Em7       Edim 
Darn that dream, and bless it, too 
D            F#7             G        Gm7 
Without that dream, I never would have you  
D      F#7              Bm7       Gm7 
But it haunts me and it won't come true  
G/B  A7  A7/13-   D 
Oh, darn that dream 

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